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指導曜日 火曜日
低学年 16:20~17:10 + 曜日未定・月1回
高学年 17:10~18:00
指導料 低学年 4500円/月  高学年 6000円/月
教材費 1冊2000円程度×使用分
プリント代 1000円/年間
授業回数 *月3回+ネイティブの先生による授業一回(振替授業はございません)

Elementary School English Class

Welcome to our Elementary School English Class! This class is designed for Elementary School Students to learn and enjoy English in a comfortable and fun learning environment. It is open from 1st to 6th grade, catering to any English skill level.

Our Aim

At Seigakukan, we aim to give your child an unique learning experience and immersion into English. By offering a fun and interesting class, we hope to improve your child’s English conversation and listening skills. Also, by having a native English speaker teach the class, we want to make them feel comfortable in social situations they may face in their future.


Lesson Style

The lessons will be focused more on improving the basic English level of your child, but we aim to help and give them the confidence to speak and also use English. Especially in simple day to day conversations and at school.